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  • Easy to use and easy to operate

    RGCMS background is simple and easy to use, built with the popular LAYUI framework, and the program is developed with TP5.1, which is safe and reliabl...

  • Strong scalability, flexible field creation

    You can create the field types you need according to different models, with built-in multiple verifications, making RGCMS not limited to corporate sta...

  • Multi-functional column, permissions set by you

    The system has built-in single and list models, and creates different column models based on the basic model. It is free, flexible, and highly expanda...

  • Flexible labels, rich background

    RGCMS tags are easy to use and can implement different needs based on the built-in methods. Rich background management makes you handy. At the same ti...

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Ruigu content management system (referred to as: RGCMS) is a set of open source website management system and has obtained copyright, written in PHP language, the framework is Thinkphp5.1. +, The data...

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